Team Elite Basketball was founded by Coach Jago Streete in 2017 where a basketball club was formed situated in the heart of East London. The clubs main aim's were to increase the level of participation for young people within the borough and to also endure that the young people were off the streets and doing something productive i.e joining a team. There were numerous requests from the players on the team for some team merchandise such as shooting shirts, hoodies and water bottles, after a few weeks the whole team had Team Elite shooting shirts. 

We then decided to offer the shooting shirts to our Team Elite Athletes who work on a one to one basis with our team of coaches, the shirts would be given to athletes upon joining the Team Elite Development Program. All players on the program, boys and girls are asked to wear their tops during any one to one or group sessions to promote the Team Elite brand. 

After a while members of the public and members from other teams began to notice the shirts and began to ask how they can get one at first they were exclusive but after seeing members of the University of East London men's basketball second team wearing the shooting shirts everyone began to want one.

We currently have teams competing in the Community Basketball League (CBL) and National Basketball League (NBL). Some of our Elite Athletes on the program compete at different levels from ABL College Basketball to BUCS University Basketball.

So here we are...

We are looking for the following players for next season, if interested in any of the following please contact us;

  • U18 Boys National League Regional South III

  • U18 Boys CBL Premier Division 

  • U18 Girls CBL

  • U16 Girls National League Regional

  • U16 Boys National League Regional South III

  • U14 Boys National League Regional 

  • U12 Boys CBL

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